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Introducing Ploom – A Unique Heated Tobacco Technology

April 12, 2024
Heated tobacco technology is transforming the world of smoking for adults. There’s no burning involved, so it will literally take the smoke out of the equation leaving you to enjoy rich tobacco taste without being enveloped in your own personal cloud. Just imagine the pleasure of knowing that you can enjoy your heated-tobacco moment in a way that’s less bothering to those around you.

Welcome to the world of Ploom

A brand dedicated to the development of heated tobacco products, like the unique Ploom X Advanced, that give adult smokers a true alternative to cigarettes. Ploom is harnessing the power of heat with its exclusive technology – HeatFlow – that releases the full flavor of tobacco with no burning at all.

Producing unrivaled tobacco pleasure is the Ploom promise and the exquisitely designed Ploom blends technology with style. The result is convenience wherever you are – be that outdoors at a music festival or indoors socializing with friends.

Take the Ploom tech tour

Ploom X Advanced features a ribbed heating chamber which uses HeatFlow technology and works with specially designed Camel tobacco sticks. Once placed in the heat chamber, the stick is compressed to enable air to flow easily around it.

The stick never comes into direct contact with the heating element, so there is virtually no charring. Instead Ploom X Advanced heats each stick from the outside at a constant temperature. That even warmth is what makes the experience such a joy, releasing intense tobacco, fruit or menthol flavors depending on your choice of Camel stick.

All this unique technology and precision engineering is made using premium materials and comes contained in a sleek modern design that fits easily in a pocket or purse. 

Where tobacco meets technology

An innovative tobacco heating system is worth nothing unless it delivers on great tobacco taste too. So, you'll discover that it’s not only Ploom X Advanced, that has unique technology.

Camel tobacco sticks may look like regular cigarettes but that’s where the similarity ends. Specifically designed for use with Ploom X Advanced, they contain ActivBlend, a unique blend of premium quality tobacco leaf including Virgina, Burley, and Oriental varieties, and added tobacco lamina to give more of the genuine taste that comes from real tobacco. From the farmers who tend the seeds to the final quality controls, the entire process of creating Camel sticks is a journey of careful curation, expertise, and excellence. To deliver a rich variety of flavors, we treat the tobacco and add flavorings, giving it taste notes that go from rich toasted tobacco to an icy sensation, like menthol.

That combination of technology and technique is what guarantees you great taste sensations whichever Camel stick flavor you choose. Whatever your preference be it tobacco intensity, fruity flavor or cooling menthols, the range has something to suit your taste. 

Designed to suit your style

Self-expression comes as standard with Ploom. Take your pick from Champagne Gold, Silver or Slate Grey, and then add an eye-catching magnetic front panel to your device. There are 15 colors to choose from, so you can update your look in a moment. Whether you want business-like black to match your work look or a vibrant color contrast to make a fashion statement, Ploom has you covered.

Ploom hasn’t only focused on form and function. Personalization is also part of the equation which is why Ploom comes with a range of accessories to suit your lifestyle. From carry cases to back covers and from docking stations and USB chargers to stylish stick trays to discreetly dispose of tobacco sticks - you can create your unique Ploom package to meet your needs at home, in the car or on the go.

Are you ready for the world of Ploom? Shop for your personalized Ploom package or take the Extended Trial


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