The History of Ploom

April 12, 2024

Ploom is something of a globetrotting brand - it was imagined in California and enhanced in Japan.

And if you are wondering why was Ploom created, it was in response to the search for a way to smoke that could be potentially less harmful than cigarettes. To meet the growing need for a more mindful solution for adult smokers to enjoy tobacco taste in a way that’s more considerate to those around them, Ploom has developed heated tobacco experiences with reduced-risk potential¹.

So, when was Ploom founded?

Ploom started life as a high-tech San Francisco start-up in the 00s when its founders went in search of a way to release all the flavor and aroma of a cigarette but without burning the tobacco.

It was an approach being taken by several innovators. It also first coined the term ‘heated tobacco,’ which today describes an entire genre of products.

Ploom heated tobacco history is part of a scientific journey towards smoke-free, less tobacco smell and ash-free tobacco pleasure that started more than 50 years ago.

Ploom brand story, a decade dedicated to innovation

Since the launch of the first Ploom device in 2011, innovation has been a constant focus.

Ploom proudly introduced the first-ever heated tobacco product to the Japanese market in 2013. Since then, it has gone on to launch Ploom S in 2019 and Ploom X Advanced in 2021.

Ploom X Advanced is setting the standard for delivering authentic tobacco taste with no smoke, ash, and less tobacco smell².

About Ploom and its philosophy

Ploom is committed to expanding choice for adult smokers in search of tobacco enjoyment with reduced-risk potential¹. It has achieved that by putting science and innovation at the core of everything it does.

From its first heated tobacco devices to the new generation Ploom X Advanced, Ploom has strived to create unique tech solutions. That applies to everything from the sleek and stylish exterior of Ploom X Advanced to the exclusive HeatFlow technology inside it. It also defines how its Camel sticks are crafted from seed to stick.

Ploom has measured everything from the reduction in potentially harmful substances¹ to how swapping to heated tobacco can positively impact personal hygiene and the environment around you – be that at home, at work, in the car, or on the go.

That means you can enjoy your tobacco pleasure happy in the knowledge that it will leave less smell on your breath and your clothes² after use not to mention less visible staining on your teeth³.

There’s also the comfort of knowing that because Ploom X Advanced produces less tobacco smell², it’s more suited to indoor use and less intrusive to those around you⁴.

¹ 90-95% reduction on average in 9 toxic substances*

Ploom X Advanced is [our latest / an innovative**] heated tobacco product which we believe has strong potential as a reduced-risk product compared to smoking cigarettes.

Ploom X Advanced shows, on average, a 90-95% reduction in the levels of 9 constituents recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for reduction in cigarette smoke.


* Based on available machine-measured data comparing 9 harmful constituents recommended for reduction in cigarette smoke by the WHO measured in smoke of a standard reference cigarette (1R6F) and the vapor from Ploom X Advanced.

² Based on a sensory panel testing comparing the odor intensity of cigarette smoke and the vapor from a representative sample of Ploom X Advanced heated tobacco sticks.

³ Based on color comparison of bovine teeth exposed to cigarette smoke and vapor from a representative sample of Ploom X Advanced heated tobacco sticks

⁴ Based on JTI data comparing the presence of selected constituents in the room air after using Ploom X Advanced and after cigarette smoking under the same conditions.


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