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Special Edition red by Ora ïto


Ploom reimagined in an iconic color

At Ploom we believe in the power of design to spark emotions. We design with passion and intention, to elevate every single heated tobacco moment. For ultimate sensorial pleasure, design needs to blend form, function and feeling.

That’s why Ploom chose the world-renowned French designer, Ora ïto. To conceive and create, in the purest meaning of design, as one. To touch all senses.

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Reimagined in a startlingly bold and strikingly red gloss finish, the Ploom Special Edition Red device is as thought-provoking as it is eye-catching. A fitting testimony to this exclusive collaboration. Its vivid, vibrant and unique expression bears the signature hallmarks synonymous with the designer’s futurist vision and the sensorial, intuitive design approach of Ploom.

"Red is a highly symbolic color, but what makes it truly fascinating is its impact" says Ora Ito. "Red brings a sense of amplitude and liveliness. Just place a single red object into an empty room and you’ll understand its unique energy. Red has many interpretations: while some read red as love and passion, others see it as bold and intense. Red symbolizes our love for products that are bold, passionate and bring the senses to life."

It’s our shared belief that the goal of great product design is to spark emotion and sensations. It involves all of the senses: this is what brought Ploom and Ora ïto together, and the reason for selecting this iconic shade of red.

Imagined in California and perfected in Japan, the elegant Ploom device is beyond simply different. It is truly unique. Housed in an intuitive design framework, and powered by advanced heated-tobacco technology, it has been conceived with both passion and intention. To be not just iconic but inclusive. To be not just sophisticated but sleek. To elevate each precious heated tobacco moment to new levels of enjoyment. To enhance sensorial pleasure through understanding and feeling design.

Ploom Special Edition RED by Ora ïto - the iconic Ploom design in the most iconic of colors. The ultimate fusion of form, function and feeling, for an experience like no other. It’s mindful tobacco pleasure for the modern world. Discover the new device, back cover, carry case and sling bag, all specially designed for the Ploom Special Edition Red by Ora ïto.

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