Ploom and Ora ïto


A shared passion for design

Our first designer collaboration is born of a deeply shared belief that the integration of new technological possibilities, intuitive design principles and the most innovative materials can give rise to state-of-the-art – yet beautifully simple – design solutions. A meeting of minds with one of the most innovative creative talents of our time.

Ora ïto is a world-renowned French designer, lauded for his disruptive approach to design. His creative modus operandi is to challenge traditional boundaries and redefine existing views of the world through his unique vision, for which he has gained global recognition. His mind operates on the blurred line between art and design, incorporating his own interpretations of simplicity and futurism with a strong focus on user experience.

His distinct and investigative approach is as influential as it is innovative. It is Ora ïto that has originated, defined and explored the design philosophy of ‘Simplexity’. He reinterprets and repurposes the complex into the simple – without being simplistic. Making the cutting-edge, effortless. The future, now.

As an eminent collaborator with global brands – from pop-culture powerhouses to deep-rooted luxury icons to vast industrial giants – he has become an artful manipulator of symbols. His many creations reflect a minimalistic and often high-tech aesthetic that seeks to harmonize form and function. His works, as diverse as they are fearless, include sensory designs for watchmaker, brewers, transport, fragrances and many more.

Like Ploom, Ora ïto views the world of design through a unique lens. His design explorations, across all spheres of industry and the arts, capture the very essence of things. Together, we are creators of feelings.

It is for these qualities that he has been welcomed with open arms – and open minds – into Ploom. And why he has created the one-of-a-kind Ploom Special Edition Red by Ora Ito.

Discover the new device, back cover, carry case and sling bag, all specially designed for the Ploom Special Edition Red by Ora ïto.

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