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Introducing the Ploom X Ora ïto Special Edition Red Sling Bag


A fusion of futurism and functionality

Welcome to the ultimate Ploom accessory. Created in collaboration with visionary designer, Ora ïto the Special Edition Red Sling Bag, with a sleek cross-body strap is the perfect blend of style and innovation, especially crafted for Ploom enthusiasts. 

Inspired by the iconic shape of the Ploom device, this Special Edition Red Sling Bag represents the shared love of Ploom and Ora ïto for functional design that evokes emotions.

Designed with pleasure in mind

The story behind our collaboration is as compelling as the bag itself. Starting with pleasure top of mind, Ora ïto’s unique vision was to create a bold and beautiful accessory to fit in within the busy lifestyle of Ploom consumers.

Tailored to meet the needs of every Ploom admirer, this sophisticated bag is meticulously crafted so you can enjoy Ploom anywhere and everywhere. With its innovative use of materials selected by Ora ïto himself, this vibrant Red Sling Bag embodies a futuristic vision that ignites the senses. 

Bearing Ora ïto's signature and embracing his simple yet profound design ethos, the bag is ergonomic in every sense. From the durable outer polycarbonate shell to the smooth underside and comfortable cross-body strap, all of the materials are made to feel satisfying to the touch. The inner pockets hold your every-day items, while the mesh lined pouch offers easy access to all of your essentials on-the-go, so you can open the bag while you wear it. 

The choice of red as the dominant color for the bag is no coincidence. This particular shade of red exudes boldness, intensity, and passion. This is a hue that commands attention, evokes emotions and forms the perfect canvas for Ora ïto's design philosophy.

The Special Edition Red Sling Bag fits seamlessly into the fast-paced lives of modern individuals, offering convenience without compromising on aesthetics. It completes the Special Edition Red collection, standing alongside the Special Edition Red device, back cover, and carry case.

The Ploom x Ora ïto Red Sling Bag is a symbol of innovation and collaboration. It's a testament to the power of design to captivate the imagination and spark sensations.

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