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Terms & Conditions of Free Trial

The Terms and Conditions of Free Trial below govern the legal framework for the free trial of a Ploom device available on Ploom.ch. JTI as the owner and operator of Ploom.ch has appointed Ch. Margot & Cie S.A., Route de Lavaux 235, 1095 Lutry, to carry out all logistical tasks related to the processing, packaging, shipping, return and invoicing of the orders placed through the website.

The free trial offer gives users a one-time opportunity to try out a Ploom device for 14 days free of charge. This free trial is only intended for smokers and vapers aged 18 and over who are resident in Switzerland. JTI reserves the right to change the term, conditions or specific products as part of the free trial or to permanently remove them from the offer.

To take advantage of the free trial offer, the user must register on the website and create a user account. Information on registering the user account can be found in the Terms of Use.

1.1 Ordering

To order the free trial on Ploom.ch, the user must enter payment details as part of the normal checkout process. Upon completion of the order process, a deposit of CHF 0.10 is charged. This serves to ensure the validity of the payment method provided. If the user does not wish to keep the device after the free trial period, the amount of the deposit will be refunded via the payment method used for the deposit at the end of the trial period.

To order a free trial, the user must accept these Terms and Conditions of Free Trial.

When a user places an order for the free trial offer, they will receive an email listing the order details and confirming that JTI has accepted the order.

1.2 Duration of trial period

During the trial period, the user has 14 days to thoroughly try out the trial device. The free trial period is set for a total of 20 days from receipt of the order. This takes into account the time from receipt of the order to receipt of the trial package (1-3 working days), the trial period of 14 days for the user, and the time for any return (1-3 working days).

The user may end the trial period ahead of schedule by initiating the return in accordance with 1.4 (“Returns and refunds”). Receipt of the return before the end of the trial period is recorded and the trial period ends ahead of schedule.

1.3 Purchase and payment

If the user keeps their trial device after the trial period, the amount still outstanding (total price of the device less the deposit of CHF 0.10) will be charged at the end of the trial period to the payment method they provided. The charge will be made automatically unless the trial device is returned to Ch. Margot & Cie S.A. within 20 days of receipt of the order.

If Ch. Margot & Cie S.A. does not receive the trial device within the deadline, it is assumed that the user wishes to keep it. Once 20 days have elapsed from the order being processed, the purchase contract will be deemed concluded and the Terms and Conditions of Sale enter into force. Unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions of Sale, the order may no longer be changed or cancelled and the trial device may not be returned or exchanged from that date on.

1.4 Returns and refunds

If the user does not wish to keep the trial device after the trial period, they must return it in good condition (in working order without damage or scratches) and with all accessories (but without any tobacco sticks) in the original packaging. The returned trial device must arrive at the return address within 20 days of receipt of the order. In the event of return, the user is solely responsible for ensuring that the trial device reaches Ch. Margot & Cie S.A. within this period. If the trial device is returned in good time, no further amount will be charged to the payment method provided and the deposit will be refunded. The refund of the deposit may take several days.

To return the trial device, the return label sent to the user with the free trial offer must be used. Users may request a replacement return label before the end of the trial period if the return label is lost. You can request one from Ploom Care on 0800 756 669 or via the contact form.

1.5 Restrictions

The order is limited to one free trial offer per user.

1.6 Product availability

JTI endeavours to ensure optimum availability of the products offered on the website. If the trial device or other products included in the free trial offer are unavailable at the time of ordering, the user will be informed of the resulting delay in delivery of the order or the partial or complete cancellation of the order.

1.7 Liability and warranty disclaimer for trial devices

All warranties, liability and indemnification for damages, including indirect or third party damages, in connection with the products are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and are subject to gross negligence or wilful intent.

In particular, we do not accept any warranty, liability or compensation for damages of any kind resulting from the inability to deliver or delayed delivery, product defects, the provision of an incorrect delivery address or theft or other incidents in connection with the delivery of the products.

1.8 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions of Free Trial are subject to substantive Swiss law. The sole place of jurisdiction is Lucerne, Switzerland.



Dagmersellen, September 2023

Our sticks, intended for use in combination with Ploom devices, contain tobacco and nicotine. These products are not risk-free and are addictive. They are intended for existing adult smokers or vapers only. To enter this website, please confirm you are a smoker or vaper aged 18 or over, living in Switzerland. Please note, we will need to confirm your age during the checkout process.

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